5 Cheap Party Hat Ideas that Kids will Absolutely Love!

Party hats are a fun way to liven up any party. There are many designs to choose from so you can create a memorable event that little ones will be talking about for months to come!  It’s not easy to stand out when many stores sell the same party accessories. If you want to do something different for a birthday or special gathering but you don’t want to spend a ton of cash, you’re in luck. A party hat template or two will make children happy and keep cash in your bank account.

Cheap Party Hat Idea 1: Crown the Birthday Boy or Girl

Paper Birthday Hat

Birthday cake party hat template

The birthday boy or girl loves to feel special on their big day! You can literally crown them like a prince or princess with a printable party hat. A queen crown is perfect for little girls who want to feel like their favorite Disney princesses. Little boy can feel just as important with a regal red and gold king crown. Imagine the adorable photographs you can take as the birthday prince or princess sits before their cake, ready to blow out the candles!

If you want something a little more colorful and modern, there are also birthday party hats. These feature bright hues and playful designs. Your child can literally wear a cake on their head complete with star shaped confetti and three lit candles made entirely of safe, inexpensive paper. And they are so cheap and easy to make that you won’t feel bad about discarding the party hat afterwards.

Cheap Party Hat Idea 2: Christmas Parties with Elf Hats

Every kid anticipates the arrival of Santa Claus! If you’re planning a Christmas or winter themed party this year, consider adding adorable elf hats to your supply list. These feature a classic red and green color scheme with cute curved tip and a dainty bell. Of course the bell is made of paper so you don’t have to worry about loud jingling as children run about and have a great time!

Cheap Party Hat Idea 3: Party Hats Based on Your Child’s Interests

If you want to do something really original, discuss ideas with your child. Little ones often have the most creative ideas. This is also a great way to get your child involved in the planning process, which can be an exciting opportunity for them.  Sit down and look at designs together. Easy party hat instructions are included so your little one can help assemble the hats once they have been printed.

Paper Sailor Hat

Sailor party hat template

Cheap Party Hat Idea 4: Little Boys Love Military Party Hats!

If your child loves to play with toy soldiers, then he will love putting on a military party hat! The camouflage Army design is a popular favorite, however other versions are available. Children who adore planes will love to put on the blue Air Force pilot party hat. There’s also a charming sailor hat for children who prefer submarines and boats.

Cheap Party Hat Idea 5: Little Monster Party Hats for Halloween

Dressing up is a must for kids Halloween parties! You can provide an easy, once-size-fits-all costume for everyone who attends this season with the purple monster party hat.  Children will love playing games and eating candy with a happy purple monster on their heads! The party hat template features rich detailing that looks even better than common store bought cone shaped hats.

Paper Monster Hat

Purple Monster Party Hat

5 Cheap Party Hat Ideas that Kids will Absolutely Love!
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5 Cheap Party Hat Ideas that Kids will Absolutely Love!
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