A Step By Step Guide to Making Fantastic Paper Sailor Hats!

Sailor hats have been a favourite costume hat for a long time. They are fantastic, simple accessories that are ideal for school plays, themes parties or a fun paper craft project for the kids. However, making a decent paper sailor hat that you can show off to everyone you know can be rather tricky. Below is a step by step process to making a paper sailor hats that’s quick, simple and looks like the real thing!

Things you will require:

  1. A cutting mat or piece of cardboard
  2. An Exacto blade ( scalpel ) or a pair of sharp scissors.
  3. Tape or Glue

1. Download our Paper Sailor Hat Template!

Finding a good paper sailor hat template online can be hard. Many of them don’t look like the real thing and are complicated to build. That’s the main reason why we created our own one! We have created a template that includes both a coloured version which is ready to wear straight away or an outline version that the kids can decorate! Our paper sailor hat also fits all sizes of head!

You can download it now by clicking the image below:

2. Print out your Hat Template!

Once you have downloaded your sailor hat, you need to print it out. Here are a few tips when printing out your template:

  1. Make sure that the printing paper is straight ( I know, but its always best to check )
  2. Make sure that the ink levels in your printer are OK. Low ink levels can reduce the quality of your hat!
  3. Make sure that your print the hat at 100% scale ( if your making the hat for a very young child then you can always reduce the % )

3. Cut out your Hat!

Once you have successfully printed out your hat using the steps above, its its time to cut it out!

Here are some tips for cutting out your hat:

  1. Make sure that all of the white lines around the edge are cut out for the best possible result.
  2. use an exacto blade rather than scissors so that you have more control when cutting out.

4. Build your hat!

Once you have carefully cut out your paper sailor hat, its time to put it together

5. Wear Your Hat and have fun!

Congratulations. You have now made the perfect paper sailor hat! The only step left is to put it on and have fun, enjoy your new hat.

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