Paper Animal Hats: 7 family activities to enjoy when wearing your hat!

Animal hats are a fun, easy way to liven up games and activities with children. Having a good time together is a great way for families to bond. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make play time or family night more interesting for all involved. Try these kid-friendly activities and really enjoy every moment of quality time you get to spend together as a family!

Activity 1: Duck Duck, Goose! with Animal Hats

Duck, Duck, Goose! is a timeless game that every child knows how to play. The concept is simple and encourages children to be active as they dash away from the “goose.” Make this popular pastime even more engaging with printable accessories! You can come up with your own wearable animal crafts using markers, crayons or construction paper.

Lion Hat

Animal Hats are fun and educational

Activity 2: Learning About Nature with Animal Hats

Animal hats can also be used as helpful learning tools. Take your children to the library or get online (with parental supervision, of course!) and research various types of animals. Encourage children to inspect each creature to determine what physical traits make it unique. Discuss the visual differences and how those impact the way the creature survives. Have children create animal crafts with simple household objects using the information they just learned.

Activity 3: Put on a Play with Animal Hats

Plays are a great way for children to learn how to work together and follow directions. Your little ones could put on a play with animal hat costumes! Printable accessories are very cheap to buy and easy to assemble so your family can easily put on an impromptu performance one evening. If you want to make it a neighborhood affair, consider inviting neighbor kids to join in and perform for a small crowd of parents!

Activity 4: Animal Hat Hide and Go Seek

Hide and go seek is even better when everyone wears an animal hat! One hat should be used by the person who is “it” so they look the part as they hunt their hidden prey. You can search for realistic animal hats or go with a scary monster hat. Children will actually want to be “it” when they see the cool accessory they get to wear!

Bear Hat

Animal Hats are great fun for many occasions

Activity 5: Imagination Time with Animal Hats

Children love to use their imagination. Parents can help build on that love and encourage their children to be as creative as possible by adding a few animal hats to the game. The hat is a simple, comfortable accessory that increases the fun factor while complementing your little one’s wild imagination!

Activity 6: Animal Hats at the Zoo

The zoo is a popular place for families. Children can form a stronger connection with nature as they wear printable animal hats that match the creatures they observe. This also presents a good opportunity for learning as children get to see each creature in its habitat.

Activity 7: Animal Hat Party

Any party can become an animal hat party! Whether it’s a holiday, birthday, reunion or picnic, bringing animal hats for the kids will keep everyone laughing. Children will love romping around as their favorite creatures. Printable accessories are an economical choice because you can easily outfit a large group of children in animal hats without spending a small fortune.

Paper Hats

Paper Frog Hat
Enjoy hopping around with this cute Paper Frog Hat. Quick & easy to make. Fits all sizes of head!
Price: $3.99
Hairy Monster Hat
Look super cute with this fun Hairy Monster Hat. Perfect for fancy dress parties & events. Quick to print and easy to make!
Price: $3.99
Wolf Hat
Howl out loud wearing this fabulous paper Wolf Hat. Perfect for an animal themed costume party, school play or Halloween costume. Fits all sizes of head!
Price: $3.99
Dinosaur hat
Go prehistoric with this scary Dinosaur Hat. Perfect for animal themed parties or Halloween costume. Fits all sizes of head!
Price: $3.99
Blue Monster Hat
Have fun with this blue paper Monster Hat. Perfect for children's birthday parties and fancy dress. Fits all sizes of head!
Price: $3.99
Green Monster Hat
Have fun with the kids with this cute Green Monster Hat. Perfect for fancy dress and birthday parties. Fits all sizes of head!
Price: $3.99
Pink Monster Hat
Raise a smile with this cute pink Monster Hat. Perfect for birthday parties or fancy dress. Fits all sizes of head. Quick download & print!
Price: $3.99
Tiger Hat
Get the perfect tiger look with our realistic paper Tiger Hat. Fits all sizes of head! Download & Print now!
Price: $3.99
Shark Hat
Scare everyone you meet with this fun paper shark hat. Looks insanely realistic. Download & print today!
Price: $4.99
Owl Hat
test test test
Price: $3.99
Cow Hat
Make everyone around you smile with this funny Cow Hat. Perfect for animal themed parties! Quick to download & print. Fits all sizes of head!
Price: $3.99
Lion Hat
Look like the king of the jungle with this amazing paper Lion Hat. Perfect for animal themed parties. Fits all sizes of head!
Price: $3.99
Chicken Hat
Dance the funky chicken in style with this fun paper Chicken Hat. Perfect for animal themed parties or school plays. Fits all sizes of head!
Price: $3.99
Bear Hat
Roam free and impress your friends with this realistic paper Bear Hat. Perfect for animal themed parties or school plays. Fits all sizes of head!
Price: $3.99
Panda Hat
Download & print this extremely cute paper panda hat. Perfect for a visit to the zoo or an animal themed party.
Price: $3.99
Fox Hat
Complete your cunning costume with this fantastic paper fox hat. Fits all sizes of head! Quick & easy to make!
Price: $3.99
Pig Hat
Oink Oink.... Our paper Pig Hat is perfect for animal themed parties. Quick to download & print. Fits all sizes of head!
Price: $3.99

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