Top 5 Paper Crafts for Kids: Fun Activities that Encourage Creativity

Paper crafts for kids are a good way to allow growing minds to exercise creativity and improve dexterity. There are many unique crafts to choose from, and some can be modified to match a specific season or holiday. You can bond with your child while giving them an artistic outlet through hands on activities. Consider starting with the following five craft ideas for kids to begin building a family activity list.

Paper Craft 1: Brown paper Bag Puppets

Brown paper bag puppets have been made in classrooms for years. This is one of the simplest paper crafts because all you really need is a small brown lunch bag and something to draw with. Turn the bag upside down and let your little one doodle on the folded base and sides.

If you really want to get creative, provide some fun embellishments to apply to the bag. Simple items like construction paper, foam shapes, googly eyes, paints and glitter will let your child explore textures as well as color and shape. This is one of the best kids craft ideas because your little one can play with their work afterwards!

Paper Elf Hat

Put on a holiday themed hat while doing fun winter paper crafts!

Paper Craft 2: Simple Snowflakes for Any Season

Snowflakes are one of the more traditional winter craft ideas for kids. They are also very easy to make, but will require the use of scissors. Simply fold a square piece of white or blue paper diagonally. Then repeat that process two more times so you are left with a folded triangle. Next you can cut various shapes along each edge, making sure some paper is left to connect the sections.

Paper crafts like this can be enjoyed all year long by switching to a different color. The big round snowflake could easily become a beautiful flower blossom by using purple, red or yellow paper. Also try experimenting with different patterns, like round petals or scalloped edges.

Paper Craft 3: Apple Stamp Art 

Paper crafts for kids can also show little ones how to be innovative with what they have available. This project involves an apple, piece of paper and paint. An adult should cut the apple cleanly in half, leaving the stem and seeds intact if possible. These will simply add more detail to the stamp.

Squeeze some paint out on a paper plate and let your child pick up the apple and dip the flat cut side into the paint so it is completely covered. Then they can stamp the painted side down on the paper and create a beautiful collage of apple shapes! You may want to find an old adult sized shirt or buy an apron for paper crafts that use paint to help  prevent stains on clothing.

Paper Craft 4: Hanging Paper Chains

Hanging paper chains are among the easiest kid craft ideas. You will need many strips of construction paper cut to even lengths and widths. The quantity is variable because you can make the chain as long or short as you like. Scissors can be used to cut each strip or you can use a paper cutter which will help reduce prep time. This step should be handled by an adult.

Demonstrate for your child by securing one end of a strip to the other with a piece of tape. Then slide a second strip through the first and repeat. The task is very simple, but a great choice for little ones who are too young to manage more complex activities. The chain can also become part of other paper crafts by adding snowflakes or painted pictures that dangle from a few links.

Paper Queen Crown

Paper hats are fun for kids to make!

Paper Craft 5: Printable Paper Hats

Printable paper hats offer fun craft ideas for kids that are very customizable. You can create your own template or download an inexpensive template. Your child will love assembling the hat almost as much as they will love wearing it during parties or playtime! Every parent should have at least one or two paper crafts for kids on hand in case of rainy afternoons or for use during family time.

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