Bear Hat

Roam free and impress your friends with this realistic paper Bear Hat. Perfect for animal themed parties or school plays. Fits all sizes of head!

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About this paper Hat

  • Adjustable and tested to fit all sizes of heads ( both adults & children )
  • Includes a black and white version so you can color your own.
  • Prints on standard A4 paper with a normal home printer
  • Includes easy to follow instructions on how to print & make your hat. All of our hats are extremely quick & easy to make.

How it works..

Quick Paper Hats

Use this Bear Hat for…

• Animal themed parties / events
• To complete the perfect Bear Costume
• Fun crafts with the kids
• School Plays


•    Adjustable and fits all sizes of heads ( both adults & children )
•    Includes the black and white pattern so you can decorate your own.
•    Prints on standard A4 paper

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